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Our Mission Is To Help Fund Christian Ministries.

Greater West for Christ (GWFC) is a Christian ministry, Greater West Finance (GWF) headed up by Lee-Anne Cusack is one of their associated companies. Lee-Anne is a professional, licensed and experienced mortgage broker. Her passion is assisting people with their finances while at the same time contributing to funding the Kingdom.

As part of our ministry, we offer to return a substantial portion of our brokerage trailing commissions to any church ministry nominated by you.

For example, we will arrange a person’s mortgage at the most competitive rate (often reducing their interest rate and/or repayments in the process) then send a payment to their church to be used in the ministry of their choice.

These trailing commissions are paid MONTHLY for the LIFE OF THE LOAN (whilst managed by GWF), and cost you the customer nothing whatsoever.

On a typical $500,000 mortgage the trailing commission paid to your church is about $500pa, paid monthly, which may not seem much, however, if 28 of your members refinanced and their collective loans totalled $24m, then your church/ministry would be paid $24,000 pa… thats $2,000 pm of regular income.

As many of our churches are populated by people with mortgages, our churches have great potential to tap into this extra income. This can allows their members to save money on their housing or investment loans, whilst giving to their church at no cost to them.

We have proven that if church leaders and members truly understand the potential benefits available to themselves, their churches and their ministries, then they are almost always willing to at least obtain a comparative quotation for their mortgage requirements from GWF.

We would love to hear from you and arrange a convenient time to meet you and to see how we can assist. We are also happy to come to your church to meet with your leadership team to show how our services can be of benefit.

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